REMIT Regional Workshop

RG 1: Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus —- on 22 March 2021

EEU EUROPA invites European market participants to discuss and debate in private meeting at a regional level the importance of best practices in reporting the data according to REMIT and practical cases. Joining to the regional Workshop you will have the opportunity to analyze, debate, interact and exchange information.
Who should register? We expect registration from your commercial department, IT and/or legal. If you require more information you need to email us at Participation fee: 490 € (price includes VAT)
Agenda for the Workshop will be sent to each participant via email after the submission of the registration form.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the RG 1 REMIT Workshop will be held online, via Skype, Google app and/or other web application. Each participant will receive via email all the details. For more details about the workshop, please contact us via e-mail at
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